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Model: Fitness 47
Anti-burst Swiss Ball with a load rating of 150kg. Perfect for Fit Ball workouts, Yoga, Pilates or physiotherapy and can be use as a chair to aid with postural problems. Comes with pump. (This product is not recommend for use when weight training)Materials: 6 Phthalate Heavy MetalFree PVCColour: Sil..
£13.50 £20.90
Model: Fitness 12
The 369 Yoga-Mad yoga block helps you to modify poses to suit your flexibility. The block provides the perfect support and stability for the body in different poses. Can be used as a pair for downward dog pose (Adho mukha svanasana) or easy pose to support the knees (Sukhasana). The block is made fr..
£5.50 £9.90
Model: Fitness 49
Struggling to perform the perfect sit-up to isolate specific abdominal muscles? It can be difficult to perform an ab exercise with correct alignment and safe form, but this Fitness-Mad Ab Mat (abdominal sit-up support) helps to keep your back properly aligned as you target your upper, lower or obliq..
£13.50 £20.90
Model: Fitness 93
Regular use of a wobble board is a great way to improve your balance, increase core strength and improve range of movement. By improving proprioception through balancing exercises wobble boards can help to protect the body from injury. The Fitness Mad Adjustable Wobble Board 40cm offers angles betwe..
£18.50 £29.90
Model: Fitness 28
Take your self care to a whole new level with the Atom Massage Stick by Fitness-Mad. The atom nodules massage your muscles for optimum trigger point release as well as helping to stimulate circulation. The ergonomic handles make self massage easy so you can adjust the pressure accordingly. Lightweig..
£9.50 £15.90
Model: Fitness 23
Build your core and develop your abs with the Fitness Mad Duo Ab Wheel. Providing greater stability with a two wheeled design and the ability to workout on any smooth floor. Lightweight and portable - the perfect size to fit into your gym bag.Material: Metal bar inside PP handles with TPE rubber gri..
£7.50 £12.90
Model: Fitness 41
The Fitness Mad Foam Roller 45cm can be used every day as part of your exercise regime. Rolling on a foam roller helps to improve blood circulation throughout your skin, fascia, muscles and even tendons and ligaments. They also help lengthen and stretch the muscles and tendons as well as break down ..
£11.50 £17.90
Model: Fitness 22
Fitness-Mad's foot roller helps to relieve foot, heel and plantar fasciitis pain. Ease tight and tired muscles of the feet before or after exercise. Simple to use; roll back and forth under your foot whilst seated or standing for an effective massage. Suitable for any fitness enthusiast or athletes ..
£7.50 £12.90
Model: Fitness 8
Hate using a sweaty machine at the gym? Don't fear sweating it out with the Fitness-Mad Gym Towel! Perfect for taking to your favourite spin, HIIT or exercise class as well as using in the gym to wipe down equipment. This fitness towel is long enough to fit on an exercise bench whilst performing a c..
£5.50 £8.90
Model: Fitness 15
The Fitness Mad Hand Therapy Ball Set has been designed to help develop muscles and strengthen the forearms, hands, wrists, and fingers as well as increase flexibility and relieve joint pain and stiffness. Ideal for improving performance for weightlifters, climbers, tennis players, and golfers, plus..
£6.50 £10.90
Model: Fitness 109
Muscles feeling tight? Fitness-Mad have the perfect massage kit whether you are at home or in the gym! The Foam Roller with tread pattern is ideal for a deep tissue massage as the tread provides more pressure points as you roll. Or if you are on-the-go, pack the lightweight and portable Massage Stic..
£22.50 £35.90
Model: Fitness 18
A mini foam roller for portable use and travel. Foam rolling is useful in relieving muscle tightness and fascia management.Construction:ABS tube with EVA foam paddingSmall for travel and portable useDimensions:16cm x 6.5cm diameter..
£6.50 £10.90
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